Learning at it best

Wisdom Spring\'s mission is to disciple young men and women to follow in the way established by the Word of God, exemplified in the life of Jesus Christ. We offer supervisory service & home school resources for parents as an alternative to public education.

Character Building

We believe that men and women of character will be equipped to work wholeheartedly at whatever task they are being required to complete. As a result of making character a priority, we are able to train our students academically with a rigorous college preparatory curriculum.

Academic Programs

Our approach to our academics is twofold. First, we aim to approach each subject from a Biblical perspective. Second, our goal is not to produce living databases filled with the latest information, but rather self-conscious learners ready to use their analytical skills to tackle the problems and difficulties of their day.

Outreach and Travel

Outside of the four walls of the learning center and the traditional education experience, students often build and strengthen their relationship through fellowship with others. These occasions build strong ties between supervisors and students that facilitate the impartation of wisdom and knowledge both inside and outside the classroom.

Contact Us

Thank you for visiting Wisdom-Spring.com. Do visit our learning center to find out more about our courses and how our system work, you can call or email us for appointment.